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Cover for my story :p by whiskers2413 Cover for my story :p :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 1 0 Hibiscus Flower ~ (EDITED) ~ by whiskers2413 Hibiscus Flower ~ (EDITED) ~ :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 1 17 subs! Almost there!! by whiskers2413 17 subs! Almost there!! :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 2 3
5 seconds to life ~ by DoZe Whiskers
~please no stealing! this is my original work!!!~
All I can remember was the surface of the water.
Blue, like the sky.
The sunlight, shining through the water.
It was so beautiful and I swear that couldn't be a lie.
Everything had happened so fast, I had forgotten the most important thing; air.
Forgetting absolutely everything, I took a breath like it were nothing.
Inhaling a mouthful of water, I couldn't breathe i swear.
It wasn't, nothing.
Then reality hit me, right in the face.
I couldn't swim.
My lungs dry and crying for a breath, how could I handle this case?
What happened next, I swear I don't know, I just know I can't swim.
It was like, something had called me, something had made me keep going.
My head, as it was lifted in the water.
My heart beating through my chest, wondering how I wasn't slowing.
I cried, reached for his hand and was pulled from the water.
But, I don't remember.
I can't remember.
The moments in the surface of the water, to the side of the pool.
Just never end
:iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 1 0
Come Haunt with me haunt (3) by whiskers2413 Come Haunt with me haunt (3) :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 0 Togetherness | Haunt Project by whiskers2413 Togetherness | Haunt Project :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 0 Light 2| Haunt Project by whiskers2413 Light 2| Haunt Project :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 0 Light 1 |Haunt Project by whiskers2413 Light 1 |Haunt Project :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 2 0 ................. by whiskers2413 ................. :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 0 Drawing tablet (sorta) by whiskers2413 Drawing tablet (sorta) :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 1 3 Selling or Trading Items (list 4 of 7) by whiskers2413 Selling or Trading Items (list 4 of 7) :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 1 0 Selling or Trading Items (list 3 of 7) by whiskers2413 Selling or Trading Items (list 3 of 7) :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 0 Selling or Tradeing items (list 2 of 7) by whiskers2413 Selling or Tradeing items (list 2 of 7) :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 0 Selling or Tradeing items (list 1 of 7) by whiskers2413 Selling or Tradeing items (list 1 of 7) :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 13 Diskers by whiskers2413 Diskers :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 0 0 Memorial day weekend (2016) - Birds by whiskers2413 Memorial day weekend (2016) - Birds :iconwhiskers2413:whiskers2413 4 0


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Stroll in the cold by Parororo Stroll in the cold :iconparororo:Parororo 7,290 579



Okay... why cant I upload my art? I edited a pic in photoshop and now I can't upload it to deviant art. (Yes I saved it as an image i may not be as dumb as you think.) it just says that it is undisplayable and i think it thinks its a gif. idk it asked for a preview image so I gave it the image and it apparently doesn't like it. Could someone help?
Hi! long time no see, eh? well, im back! and i brought my masterpieces!!!


Hey guys! It's whiskers!

So, I was thinking about writing a Fanfiction, or two. I was considering a My Little Pony OC Fanfiction (which I um may have already posted a part or two on here.... haha..), and a Pokemon Fanfiction.

Okay so this is my idea for a Pokemon Fanfic:

The Double Trainer
~ Pokemon are a fainting species that live side by side with people. At some small towns, there is a small lab, at which a professor works in trying to match starter Pokemon with people at the town. This process consists of the proffeser, observing the Pokemon. There likes, dislikes, behavior, and more. The proffer also profiles the young teens of the town, with the parents okay of course. Then after weeks and months on this, the professor shows the Pokemon the teenagers. And the Pokemon choose who there trainer shall be. And every 10 years, 3 teenagers chosen by the Pokemon shall go on the journey to capture the legendary pokemon. Many, many have tried, but all failed. This year, this will change. In a certain lab, in a certain town, there is a Pokemon who just can't make up it's mind for who the better trainer would be. This is super rare in this generation. But what it is called, the double trainer. ~

So, basically, a double trainer, is two trainers that share the same pokemon. One trainer is more dominant then the other, so basically, more power with the Pokemon then the other. This means that when they are not in battle the Pokemon will listen more to the dominant trainer. Double trainers have died out after many many years. So it has become very rare , as you may think.

If  do end up writing this I will go into more detail about this. I hope to write it soon, though.

And the MLP OC Fanfic.... I got nothing.

So that's what's on my mind. Hope you like the idea.



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United States
(DayDream, my oc my by SkyPhoenix401 )

I'm a gamer! Photographer! And editor! I am a member of DoZe Clan.

I love food.
I love God.
I love my friends and family.
Oh! and especially this face!! X3

want to find me else where?
I'm on youtube/g+ DoZe Whiskers
and wattpad: whiskers2413


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Thank you so much for the watch and the favs!!Thank You Kero Keroppi (2) 

Watched you back!!^^
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no problem and thank you!

And I love that thank you sign!! Hello kitty right? or just manga?
KawaiiTsuyu Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016
Yeah I think is from Hello Kitty... You can find it if you write "kero" (frog in japanese) in the emoticons search.
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thanks for the fav!

and for the watch!! :)
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